Until July 26 the Jonathan LeVine Gallery will host the exhibition Broken English, from the famed artist John Matos, more commonly known as Crash, a pioneering urban artist from New York with pieces in such prestigious cultural spaces as the Museum of Modern Art and the Brooklyn Museum, amongst others.

Crash was one of the first urban artists to take the leap from trains to canvas, and as such his figure suggests the advancement of marginal art in the 80’s New Yorker scene. His work, which maintains the essence of street art, recollects the experiments of Pop-Art, the abstraction of comics, to give a new meaning to an otherwise purely graffiti work.

Furthermore, Crash does not settle for one single medium, as he experiments with the aesthetic transformation of a Mini Cooper, fetish vehicle in its time, and which serves to introduce one of the most basic aspirations of graffiti to the gallery.

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Jonathan LeVine Gallery
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From Tuesday to Saturday, 11AM to 6 PM