In July Ardavín Gallery brings us Naked Object by the realist painter Alejandro Casanova.

Naked Object reflects on the figure of the woman as a merely superficial object regarding the artistic level, and its subsequent predominance for most of the twentieth and nineteenth centuries. Therefore, the artist intends to make a move against this trend and de-objectivize the female figure showing it in its purest form: naked, and accompanied by a series of everyday objects that oppose the idea of using women as objects.

This idea is accompanied by a style close to Gauguin’s expressionism along with a series of sensations that create a captivating atmosphere resembling Hopper’s most intimate style.
Ardavín Gallery aims to be a unique place in Madrid, moving away from abstract paintings, which they consider to be too commercialized, as well as the general public, and proposing
a return to simple and easy-to-understand art instead.

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