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Grain Supply Co. was born in 2012 with recycled materials. A handbag collection made with unique and interchangeable pieces.

Then after her first contact with the sewing machine, Anna Villarrosa (the founder) starts to see the possibilities of clothing redesign. Clothes at the back of the wardrobe were the first target, with the aim of making old ones wearable again.

Grain Supply Co. experiments with fabrics from around the world, recycled clothes, even mixing clothes. In late 2013, Anna decided to take a step further and create her own clothes patterns and design, which resulted in unique and handmade clothes made in Barcelona.

The philosophy of the brand is not based on large quantities but small, limited and unique collections. Each collection has its rationale and concept; giving value to handmade things.

She is currently working on new formats, fabrics and designs in collaboration with different artists from various disciplines.

If you want to show off unique, tailor-made clothes, check out their website: www.grainsupplyco.com