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The Blueproject Foundation presents Wolfgang Laib, the artist solo exhibition of an artist at Il Salotto. It counts seven installations created with natural materials with a strong symbolic baggage such as milk, pollen, rice or marble, and some of his recent subtle drawings. The projects allows seeing some of the most emblematic works of one of the most important German artist, such as his fascinating Milkstone or his impressive Pollen Square, exhibited last year at the MOMA in New York. Wolfgang Laib’s works are conceived as a ritual, a whole process connected to a cosmic order, to the mystique of nature.

Laib’s work is characterized by high purity  and formal austerity always marked by constant search for transcendence, visual excitement and conceptual aspects. The creative process of the artist is defined by the encounter between the East and West, the open and the closed, the solid and the liquid, the banal and the spiritual, investigating avant-garde’s utopia art ways and formal aspect of minimalism, always chafed with metaphysical questions.