October is the month contemporary art has scheduled in the calendar to carry out an international event in the Portuguese capital: the Lisbon International Comtemporary Exhibition 2014 (LICE 14). For the second consecutive year, artists from all over the world exhibit their works in this original meeting to show a contemporary art that is new, intense, true and vibrant, to which all art lovers, collectors and curators will have the opportunity to go to from the 4th October until the 18th October.

The LICE is an exhibition conceived to narrow the gap between the general public and the new contemporary art, making Lisbon the big host to international artists for that period of time. Europe, America and Asia are the continents that this year have a meeting at the LICE to carry out an astonishing display of painting, photography and illustration.

The exhibition will take place at the MeetING Art Gallery in Lisbon, a new concept of gallery thought up by the Portuguese artist Natalia Gromicho and a place where the artist’s work space, the live painting and the art gallery blend in a wonderful way creating a unique experience for the visitor. Located in Chiado, one of the most traditional and artistic neighborhoods of Lisbon, the MeetING Art Gallery is a minute away from the main attractions of the city, which allows the LICE visitors to go on historic tours and cultural trips in the tranquility that the low season offers the traveler.

All of those who are cheering to attend the LICE will be able to enjoy the art that flows out not only at the MeetING Art Gallery, but all over the city, as Lisbon displays a big ream of artistic events during the month of October.

Art, culture and new experiences are waiting for you in Lisbon from the 4th October until the 18th October.

In alphabetic order, here are the artists that are participating in this second edition:

Angela Piedade (Portugal) – Painting
A.Sinai (Portugal) – Painting
Elechi todd (Trinidad and Tobago) – Painting
Emmanuel Vazquez – (Mexico) – Painting
Jaime Prates (Portugal) – Photo
Laura Colantonio (Dubai) – Painting
Lorraine Mahot (France) – Painting
Luis Buitron (Mexico) – Photo
Marcelo Espinoza (Mexico) – Illustration
Natalia Gromicho (Portugal) – Painting
Norma Amanda (Mexico) – Photo
Txemi Novoa (Spain) – Painting
Zoli Herczeg (Hungary) – Painting

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