One of the most expected premieres in Spain is the film that, against all odds, won the Golden Bear for Best Film in Berlinale, snatching the award from Boyhood by Richard Linklater, the clear favorite. The director of Bai ri Yan Huo (Black Coal, Thin Ice), little known until then, Diao Yinan, surprised the jury with an interesting reinvention of film noir, where the landscape engulfs the characters, leaving behind the intrigue of the plot. The kind of China that is shown has nothing to do with the modern economic power that it is thought to be nowadays. Here, the characters live under the influence of a China ravaged by snow and ice, where solitude is imposed on every step, becoming a great burden to bear.

The argument deals with a provincial capital situated in the north of the country where suddenly, one morning, scattered body parts of a mine worker appear in different places. In an attempt to apprehend the suspects, two officers die and a third one, Zhang Zilie, is hurt and taken off the case. Five years later, the former police officer retraces his steps to reopen the file after another murder occurs. Zhang discovers what all the victims had in common, a femme fatale, Wu Zhizhen, who he ends up falling in love with.

A fascinating, gory and enveloping thriller, full of twists and turns and brilliant performances. Liao Fan (Zhang Zilie) received the Silver Bear for Best Actor for his work in the film in Berlin.

Release date in Spain: October 3rd