Hands down one of the coolest dining and travel experiences of my life! My sister and I had this place recommended on a recent trip to Vietnam by a local woman we met. It took us a bit of time to find the street name, and the enormous amount of people out the front told us we were at the right place. We were guided into the building and up a few flights of stairs to a bit communal table. For only AUD$5.00, we each got a bottle of water each as well as a table full of all we could eat bun cha.

Pickled vegetables, a veritable mountain of noodles, half a garden worth of fresh herbs, fresh spring rolls and god knows what kind of meat wrapped in leaves and swimming in undoubtedly the best broth either of us had ever had.

So there we were, sitting in a little shanty on the side of a street in Hanoi, eating the most delicious spread of food! If you’re in Hanoi, please take down this address and ask your hotel or hostel front desk for directions; it’s one hell of an experience!

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Bún Chà Nem Cua Bê
1 Hang Manh, Hanoi, Vietnam