We literally stumbled (those cobblestones look cute, but they’re not always easy to walk on!) while we were in Barcelona last year. We had been up early in the morning, walking around the city for four hours, and were starting to get really, really hungry. We noticed Meson Del Cafe was full of what looked to be locals (we assumed, because I could hear Spanish being spoken by everyone!) and figured it must be pretty good!

It was warm and felt like a home away from home, with the beautiful wooden interior and constant plates of food coming from the counter. We happily ate a plate full of tapas on our first visit – they were fresh out of the kitchen, being brought out to the bar as we were walking in, and they were so good! Warm chorizo on fresh bread – what better lunch could two visiting Aussies ask for?!

Our second visit entailed more tapas, sangria (SO GOOD!) and seafood paella. Our third and best visit was for a cup of hot chocolate with a few fresh, hot churros. The hot chocolate was amazing, better than any I’d ever tried before. It wasn’t overly sweet, it had just a tiny bit of a sour cocoa taste. It was also thick enough to coat a spoon. Or a churro. That’s what made them perfect together – the bitter chocolate over the sweet churro = happy days!

Yeah, the food was pretty good, but it wasn’t just the food that made it for us. It was the atmosphere. It was relaxed and comfortable, like home but different enough that it felt a bit special. People came in and out, mostly locals, which made for wonderful people watching. The staff just kept on pouring drinks and bustling around the get food to their hungry patrons. It was the perfect place to sit back and take life in, enjoying the life of travel!

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Meson Del Cafe, Carrer de la Llibreteria 16, Barcelona, Spain