Saskia Martindale is a young English artist. She lives in Suffolk, UK, and she just started to study Illustration in Brighton University. Her parents are both artists too, so it runs in the family!

Her favourite thing is to draw faces. On a recent trip to Berlin she filled a sketchbook with faces of people on the subways.

She also loves working in bright colours and one day she would love to go to India: “All the vibrant colours, smells and spices mixed with the rich culture is very tempting… as is Japan with it’s beautiful scenery (and of course unlimited fresh sushi!). Drawing from life in both of these places would be such an amazing experience”

In her spare time she has been working on various commissions, projects with designers and also personal work.

Thank you Saskia for this fantastic website illustration and we wish you all the best for the future.

Find out more about her work here: http://saskiamartindale.tumblr.com

Flic Mag 10:14 - Saskia Martindale