Prague is a world-famous city and it undoubtedly arouses great touristic interest. At first it looks like an architectural ensemble taken from a story from the Middle Ages; it seems as if witch hunt still existed there.

There are countless attractions in the capital of the Czech Republic that turn it into a city with personality. However, we have the feeling of being in a city with great dimensions; cobbled short distances between the most important sights and low buildings with wooden roofs makes us feel as if we were in a lovely little village.

I could focus on describing the typical things, the most visited, but I think it is more interesting to describe those small things that capture us and make us fall in love with Prague.

You could say that it definitely conquers visitors through the stomach. The gastronomic mix in the city is interesting; it is reflected in its typical dish made with roast pork, pasta and cabbage. The strengths of the Czech food are based on roasts and soups. For dessert we recommend trying the fried banana skewers they sell in the street.

Turning to the cultural field, it is be interesting to visit the so-called “John Lennon Wall”. It is a place less frequented by tourists, which may be due to its difficult location. It is worth stopping and observing the graffiti evolving and already part of history.

Having nothing to do with this, but just as interesting, is ‘The dancing house’, a famous deconstructivist building that looks like a loving couple dancing. Designed by a group of architects, it intends to break away from the ancient aesthetics of the area. The building, located next to the Vltava River, leaves nobody indifferent and dupes fans of modernist architecture.

The most beautiful way to see the city is definitely from the river mentioned above, since it offers spectacular panoramic views of the city. If you rent one of the boats shaped like a car, you can turn water into asphalt in summer. But if you are not into water, you can enjoy views just as spectacular from the ‘Charles Bridge’ which looks like it is guarded by figures that crown it. During the day it is a meeting place for artists to exhibit their works and tourists who buy them, at night it offers enigmatic views under the light of their lanterns and, most importantly, with no visitors.

You have two options to end the day. If you like opera but do not want to dig deep into your pocket, you can make it. The city offers last minute passes at ridiculous prices. Simply seeing the building from the inside is reward enough for your visit. If, on the other hand, you are someone who enjoys going out at night, you have to go to the “Wenceslas Square”, a gathering place for young people and famous for different night clubs, jazz venues and fast food stands.

As you see, Prague is young and ancient, big and small, quiet and wild, worth being in during the day and at night. It is a fairy tale city in which you can be the star.

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