Some time ago Daniel, Emma and Alicia came up with an idea that is now taking root, an idea called Cuaderno Brillante (Shiny Notebook).

This is an online guide of local production which aims to provide a bridge between designers and manufacturers. Its main objective is to ensure visibility to small factories and artisans. The initiative seeks to provide support to the national quality production.

Cuaderno Brillante is constantly looking for small workshops, factories and artisans throughout Spain in order to create a production network as large as possible, easing the work of designers who want to produce goods in Spain.

It is headquartered in Barcelona, and they try to update their website fortnightly. Advertising on their site is free and if you are interested in advertising your business, but do not have pictures or are not happy with them, they are always ready to help.

This shiny book has set itself the target to stimulate a more mindful way of consumption and production, investing in our environment, because according to them, the solution to our problems is closer than we think.

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