I was in Thailand in January 2014, while the city was in the midst of the “Shutdown Bangkok” political movement. Unfortunately, a lot of the markets and street food vendors I’d remembered so fondly from a previous visit were either not operating, or doing much shorter hours than usual, so we were pretty excited to have found this place!

We took a seat on the small plastic stools with the other diners (the place was super busy), and were handed two plastic menus. We ordered a bit of everything; papaya salad, stir fried greens in oyster sauce, pork fried rice and BBQ beef.

The food was amazing – I’ve been to fancy, modern restaurants where I haven’t eaten beef than tender and well cooked. How they managed to impart that much flavour into green vegetables with oyster sauce is beyond me.  But the other wonderful part of the experience was the atmosphere – it was really great to be eating this beautiful food with locals, no one really able to speak English, and feeling like we were really getting the full and authentic experience. Street food is the best way to eat when you’re travelling, because you DO get a real experience, and usually better food than the touristy restaurants!

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