We would like to introduce you to Fernanda Galván o Pheerg (for her friends). She’s from Mexico D.F. and she’s the creator of our current website’s pattern.

There’s no doubt that Fernanda is a born illustrator: “My story with the illustration is as old as me, it was the paper and pencils that made me drop my imagination and find an unique language, which seems to spill. I spend all the time drawing, creating and rebuilding my environment. My strong subject: expressiveness. I try to capture and send a message, an emotion, a mood.”

The chosen illustration for Flic Magazine is called 1% elastane: don’t be one more in a herd, be yourself!

“I’ve chosen it because far from expressing our individuality, fashion makes us look somewhat uniform, we all buy the same clothes, the same style… like we’re mannequins.”

Flic Mag 10-14 - Fernanda Galvan