Enrico Muccioli, 22 years old, Lodi, Italy.

Currently living in Barcelona. Professional photographer.

New Year, New Life; I have always considered it a saying as ordinary as it is of little value. But what happens if for once we knew that the New Year was going to be different from other years and would actually be a new chapter in our lives?

In this series I have decided to travel across the city of Barcelona, the theatre of my life and the silent observer of my work. From the Ciudad Meridiana to Pedralbes until we get to the historic centre. From the popular to the residential, going past the tourist attractions, searching for imperfections in order to describe my state of mind and feelings that this new year is already generating in me. Insecurity, fear of not being up to the situation, but also with a will to risk and not look back, because everything that makes me change is also the best that has ever happened in my life.”

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