Cora Elizabete Medeiros is a creative young Brazilian designer and illustrator. She was born inSao Paulo city.

Two years ago she decided to move to Barcelona, where she currently lives and works.

Educated in graphic design, her professional career began in Cassio Leitao Design Studio in Sao Paulo and then, thanks to the experience gained from many projects, she started as an Art Director in the famous advertising agency of Leo Burnett.

Cora’s motto is to find practical solutions to everyday problems. For her, life is puré creativity: “we are able to take advantage of it and transform reality to our tastes”.

Her latest works are “Playing with creativity” and her collaboration with Flic Magazine. The project is titled “Happy Day” .It is a mural painting on a four-meter wall granted by La Lavandería.
The idea came during the summer of 2013 in a meeting of some students of the Psychocreativity
Master ́s course from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The idea was to graphically show the colors of a summer day by sharing things that the students like about Barcelona and to reflect the multicultural nature of the city.