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Roger Daniel Guillet is an artist who comes from Saint-Aignant in the Loire-et-Cher region of France: ‘born beneath the shade of the Chateau Loire’. Guillet’s artistic journey began in Arles with his father who was a visual artist, and a drawing master from New York. Art carried him to Paris, Avignon and Cannes. Each place expands his production through experiment and experience and the work he produces includes sculpture, theatre installation, photo and paper collages, the painting and cutting up of clothes, even the copying of Da Vinci drawings in charcoal and chalk. Guillet’s sculptures are made from recycled material and he then highlights the process with the use of Plexiglas. The materials of his minimalist sculptural objects evoke co-operative supply stores, waste products and ecology.

Upon wood, canvas or paper he also produces energetic paintings with bold outlines, striking colours and abstract shapes. The materials expended on his paintings include wax, charcoal and every day objects such as shoe polish, medicine and solvents. In his work we can read reflections of the inner recesses of his self. Delving into joy, suffering and distress alike the paintings become physical expressions that echo the power of those emotions mixed with a poetic irrationality. With blunt force he imposes upon the viewer the vibrancy of his own imaginings.

Guillet owes influence to the character of the Loire River of his childhood, and all that came after, which courses through him and his work with an irregular inexorable personality.