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From 14th February until 15th March, Charlotte Fogh Gallery is hosting the fourth exhibition of the artist, HuskMitNavn, also Danish.

On this occasion, he brings us a sample based on those ‘away’ moments we all know where, although we might seem present, we find ourselves lost in thought and sailing through imagination to different places at the same time.

For the artist, those moments we all experience on a higher or smaller scale, are in fact a mechanism through which we go back to thinking like children, who remain absent from life and appear to focus their interest in seemingly insignificant issues.

This seems to be something essential for HuskMitNavn and possesses his usual sense of humour, with pieces that draw on the absurd to portray everyday life.

The gallery Charlotte Fogh, located in the centre of the city of Aarhus, has been showing the works of renowned artists as much as young prodigies on the rise since 2006.