From February the 6th until March the 23rd, another dazzling exhibition will be presented at the art gallery Ruttkowski68. The exhibition aims to show the narrative depth of urban art.

This time the artist is Daniel Weissbach. He will be present at the gallery with his exhibition Stellen, in which he attempts to arouse in the spectator an interest in what escapes our perception of the environment every day.

Weissbach began his career with the art of graffiti but soon branched out looking for different languages in such diverse media as canvas, video-art and installations. According to the press release published by the gallery, Weissbach, with his works, explores various concepts such as time, moment and eternity.

He uses materials and objects that are part of our daily environment, such as the tiles that decorate the halls of the subway stations in which we walk every day. In this way, Weissbach tries to decontextualize our personal daily environment giving artistic significance to what would normally be granted only a strictly practical meaning.

Daniel Weissbach studied art at the University of Potsdam in Germany. He has already carried out several projects with very important institutions like the Modern Art Museum in Bremen.