This little gem of a food truck is a regular in Melbourne’s northern suburbs, and compared to a lot of its competitors, it really doesn’t stand out at first glance. It’s a plain, unadorned truck, which might be mistaken for any other parked truck in the area, were it not for the crowd of people on the lawn beside it with picnic mats, beers, dogs and burgers.

Like all good food trucks, the menu was small but impressive. I went with the 1090 Burger ($8.00) which was made up of bun + patty + cheese + lettuce + tomato + onion + mustard + mayo + ketchup + fairy dust. At the last minute, I noticed bacon on the menu for an extra dollar, so I asked for that, too.

04.11.14 1

This was the burger of my dreams. It was all the best parts of my favourite burgers combined; great tasting patty, soft burger bun, perfectly melted cheese, heaps of sauce and just enough lettuce and tomato to balance it out. Absolutely my new favourite hamburger, and an absolute must for any food lover visiting Melbourne!

04.11.14 2