Inma Lorente’s work method is enjoyment. Forgetting the rules and trying to get back to innocence. She doesn’t like norms, nor academicism in art. She enjoys drawing freely, and when she starts a project she doesn’t know when and how she’ll finish it Her basic tool is intuition – She likes to submerge completely in the drawing. That’s when she loses track of space and time. The colors will depend on the weather and her mood.

She has self-edited two fanzines, “Le Maroc” and “Tornillos”. The latter is the most recent, and can be found at Fattbottom, in Barcelona, and Ó!Galeria, in Porto. She has collaborated in several other fanzines, magazines and collective projects, such as “El vendedor de sandias” (“The watermellon seller”), The Scribble Project, Tattoo the girl, “La vuelta al mes en 30 ilustradores” (“Around the month in 30 illustrations”), and many more!

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