The month of December is coming slowly but with a firm step. It has a mission to accomplish. It raises its scythe and comes for 2014, who is crawling around like a ghost, to announce: Goodbye old year, go to your last night and prepare for the end. And thus, without further hesitation or delay, it shows the year his extinction.

Exhausted, 2014 tries to hide his pain with Christmas lights and golden glitter, but the smell of mistletoe and fir remind him that the tragedy is imminent. It is weird, but nobody seems to pay attention. The crowd dances to the tune of Christmas carols, busy with the last minute shopping for gifts, thinking about party preparations and the excess that comes with it.

2014 closes his eyes and, as if he were a snapshot projection, remembers moments passed. The images come one after the other, one by one. Just a few minutes before the memories come, he smiles, still in love with that month of December… Then he recalls a joke and bursts out laughing. He keeps on reviewing the days one by one and a few minutes later, his heart skips a beat, there was so much that did not happen and the defeats were so painful… But he does not cry. The scale, like a tightrope walker, manages to balance. “It wasn’t that bad either. Although… they say that what is coming will be better”, he thinks. And he asks himself why it seems like everyone has already forgotten how special he was in his day.

At that moment, a small hand strokes his back. 2014 hears a little voice that whispers: “Big guy, don’t be like that because it’s not the end. You’re only going to change; in shape and name, but it’s for your own good, so you can be better. It’s what has to grow. Don’t be afraid because I’ll guide you, I’ll walk by your side if you want, and all those who you like to observe as well. They trust you. And believe me they’ll do their part. Besides, you know you did well. But I know you can still do better.” After these words of encouragement, the little one kissed his lips and the year felt his legs shake a little. That wonderful creature with no name had given him his will to fight back. He wanted to fill with happiness every person who, like him, was not thinking of surrendering. And he was determined not to let them down.

All set for the big night, he impatiently waited for the famous celebration. And when the first grapes spilled their juice in people’s mouths, hungry for illusion and dreams, the year began his transformation. Each one of the grapes, stolen from the plate each with its own wish, drew a new feature on his face. With every thought of prosperity, he felt his body fill with millions of wings. The last second on the clock marked his end and beginning at the same time. But nothing extraordinary happened. Or maybe it did, but it went unnoticed.

When 2015 opened his eyes, he discovered that he had in fact changed. He was not the same anymore. He could feel it. He had many goals to achieve. He stretched out his arms and with this movement unfolded his new wings, lifting them up to the sky and flapping them slowly to fly for the first time on the first day of his new life.

The sound of the champagne bottles opening moved him. And he laughed at the clinks of crystal glasses with every new toast, hug, kiss and wish of happiness for him, the new year that is beginning.

2015 traveled the world willing to fulfill the dreams of mankind. On his journey he had the company of a young creature of green colour, the same who had cheered him up when everything seemed lost and the year felt without strength.

Happy New Year. May this new cycle offer everything we dream to accomplish.