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The Javier López Gallery brings us the collective exhibition entitled Knock! Knock! formed by over forty artists whose main idea dwells in the relationship between comics and contemporary art as part of today’s artistic evolution.

The relationship  between comics and art is thus the reflection that commissioner Fer Francés exposes in the latest exhibition at the Javier López Gallery in Madrid. Comics, since their beginning, have been transforming their impact on society, from simple entertainment for teens to a clear example of the evolution of culture and serving as an ironic view on the world.

From this idea was created the Knock! Knock! exhibition, which also shows the works of a great many artists who have never set foot in a Spanish gallery.

Duration: from June, 26 until September, 10
Address: Calle Guecho 12B, 28023 Madrid
Schedule: Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00h